Issue sound deflationary money to replace debased fiat currency

Create a safe haven for people to protect their wealth from inflation

Give ordinary people the ability to avoid expropriation by the State

Generate a new economy free from government taxation and interference

We propose a new money separated completely from the State. A money with a fixed supply. A zero rate of inflation, distributed fairly to those who need it most; the young people of the world.

FREEDOM RESERVE is declared as money in the year 2020 with the intention of giving the people an alternative to corrupt banker controlled money and to allow them to preserve and multiply their wealth for future generations.

Freedom Reserve

Perfect Money

Freedom Reserve aims to create a perfect currency in order to compete with state backed currency.

  • Zero Inflation

    Freedom Reserve mainnet will burn transaction fees equal to the block reward

  • Low Transaction fees

    A proof of stake system that removes the need for hardware mining lowers transaction fees considerably

  • High transaction speed

    Freedom Reserve reaches finality typically in ≤ 1 second, which is significantly lower than both longest-chain protocols and sharded blockchains

  • High transaction throughput

    Liberty* protocols, which can build a DAG, reach 5000+ tps while retaining full decentralisation. 10,000+ can be achieved through higher bandwidth

  • Turing Complete

    Freedom Reserve Mainnet will allow anyone to issue fully customizable assets and applications

  • Decentralised

    All chain parameters will be decided by tokenvote. Proof of stake avoids hardware manufacturing centralisation

  • Fairly launched

    Freedom Reserve was launched at £1000 market cap on the open market allowing anyone interested to participate

  • Environmentally friendly

    Zero carbon emissions while ending wars and exploitation by the state creating a net benefit for the environment

  • Optional anonymity

    Zero Knowledge transactions allow anonymous transactions.