Freedom Reserve wouldn't be very good money if no one hears about it, so part of the development fund is used as bounties for marketing efforts. WE PAY YOU TO HELP SPREAD THE WORD:

  1. Print out one of the images from the gallery as stickers and stick them up.
  2. Take photographs of your work.
  3. Send the photos to
  4. Use this to encrypt (Recommended)
  5. Attach your Ethereum address to collect your bounty.

Bounty of 25 Freedom Reserve per sticker placed. Other promotional campaigns will be judged on their individual merits and bounty awarded accordingly. Join our Telegram group to help out creatively.

Here are some of the stickers people have designed and placed. feel free to design your own and share them with the community!

random image random image random image random image random image random image

These stickers are free to distribute through the bounty program